Mayan Graffiti

mayangraffiti5by Shawn Christopher

You seem very small standing in the vast courtyard of Chitzen Itsa’s temples. They rise out of the earth as if they had always been there, placed by God himself. The square stones are placed on one another to make pyramids that are aligned with the sun, while other monuments display the heads of their fallen enemies.

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by Shawn Christopher

Do you remember Dr. Seuss? I do. The Whosits, fuzzy trees, and staircases that wind up, only to turn into a pole that slides down. I think as we grow up, welose our imagination. You know, that thing that makes a stick into a light saber, or a cardboard box into a castle. When I look into the work, I wonder how cool it would be to live in Dr. Seuss’ world. You see, I never lost my imagination. It still runs wild.

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Abstract Painting

parkavenueby Shawn Christopher

Welcome to my free flow, kung foo style of painting. Where there is no up or down, no right or wrong. If you paint outside the line, it was meant to be outside the line. When I paint this way, I first select the colors for contrast and harmony. That.s about the extent of my planning. I just put the brush down and go. Creating the background and then the first lines of movement to give it structure. Only later putting the highlights and embellishments to make it pop. Continue reading


texture50by Shawn Christopher “Textures” is a collection of 3-d paintings on wood. The use of color and texture enlivens the imagination to an array of possibilities. While the deeper tones may get lost in the background under normal circumstances, Shawn pushes these colors to the forefront, so that they are the first to be noticed. This project challenges the boundaries of painting versus sculpture, for the two schools of thought have merged within the same tangent. Continue reading

Ode to Roger


odetoroger5Sculpture by Shawn Christopher

I fell in love with nature and machines at a young age.

Strange I know, but you see, my father was a logger, and I was his shadow. Learning about Mother Nature and machinery just kinda went hand and hand with my father.

In this project, the two became intertwined.

I owe a lot to my father. The least I could do was honor him with my art. View the entire collection here. Ode to Roger.

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