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Rachelle Clark taking pictures

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Rachelle Clark was born in Alaska, and spent time in both Alaska and Alabama as a child. She moved to Washington state, and then finally came to call Oregon her home. The culmination of so many contrasting cultures, attitudes, traditions, and dialects has shaped her own views and memories into a unique collage.

◦ Born in Alaska
◦ Raised in Alaska and Alabama
◦ Dreamed in Alaska, Alabama, and Washington
◦ Created in Alaska, Alabama, Washington, and Oregon

Rachelle’s use of antique windows as frames suggests the nostalgic interior of the photographs’ composition. The subject matter of her images feature common objects or slices of everyday life, each of which triggered remembrances and stories for the artist. Rachelle’s intention with her work is to conjure memories and feelings within the viewer that are uniquely their own.


Pentax K100050’s-era Hasselblad
Like my Dad always said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


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