Roy G. Biv

roygbivyellow10by Shawn Christopher

As a child, it was how we remembered the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Much like the rainbow itself, simultaneously simple and complex, I approached these paintings accordingly.

This seven painting series consisted of a blend of geometrical shapes and line work in an array of hues of any given color to create light and dark, shadow and highlight. And most importantly, they were fun to make and look at.

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by Shawn Christopher

Do you remember Dr. Seuss? I do. The Whosits, fuzzy trees, and staircases that wind up, only to turn into a pole that slides down. I think as we grow up, welose our imagination. You know, that thing that makes a stick into a light saber, or a cardboard box into a castle. When I look into the work, I wonder how cool it would be to live in Dr. Seuss’ world. You see, I never lost my imagination. It still runs wild.

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Abstract Painting

parkavenueby Shawn Christopher

Welcome to my free flow, kung foo style of painting. Where there is no up or down, no right or wrong. If you paint outside the line, it was meant to be outside the line. When I paint this way, I first select the colors for contrast and harmony. That.s about the extent of my planning. I just put the brush down and go. Creating the background and then the first lines of movement to give it structure. Only later putting the highlights and embellishments to make it pop. Continue reading