Forgotten Era

forgotteneralostdreamsby Rachelle Clark

Living in Portland with family in Montana, I am often traveling through open countryside and desolate landscapes. It makes me nostalgic for the cotton fields and hay bales I left behind in Alabama. The rusted farm equipment left on the side of the road and the dusty dirt roads that lead off to back fields reminds me of a simpler type of life; a life I often forget when caught up in the noise and traffic of a city.

With the family farms becoming a thing of the past, these images become more poignant to me. The customs and cultures that accompanied this style of life are becoming lost arts as well: patchwork quilts and needlepoint, homemade jams and smoked trout, a game of horseshoes and the sound of a fiddle. This project is to pay homage to this way of life that many term “old fashioned”, but I will always call “home”.

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