Life of a Grape


lifeofagrape6by Rachelle Clark

From bud break to bloom, fruit set to veraison, ripe into harvest; I watched and studied the Bishop Creek Vineyards for the last two growing seasons. I fought with the weather to achieve the photos I wanted, much as they fought with the weather for the conditions they needed. The 2006 summer was a long, hot summer that allowed them to take their time and get as sweet as they wanted. The 2007 summer was moodier and created a whole different style of beautiful characteristics. Yet, at all times, the grapes were growing, changing, and becoming something of their own.

Shooting primarily black and white film, I attempted to capture their life cycle through the seasons. I used old manual 35mm and medium format cameras to create these images. The steel frames, I fashioned and welded, then sandblasted for their finished looks. The photos are all one of a kind, silver gelatin prints. I only print one photograph from a negative. Ever. So each of these finished pieces are as unique and original as the grapes themselves.

I hope you enjoy the show. And thank you to Bishop Creek, for allowing me open access to your gorgeous vineyards. Producing this show was truly my pleasure.

Hover over the image or click on the gallery below for details on size and availability.

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