Capturing Gaia


capturinggaia1by Rachelle Clark

This is an on-going project. It is my attempt to personify the concept of Mother Nature, along with Walt Whitman’s beliefs he presented in “Leaves of Grass”. They are a variety of double exposures combined with collage techniques. The largest, and most difficult, piece in this project is 72 *54 inches. It is comprised of countless parts of trees assembled together to form one tree, with one figure representing Gaia imbedded into the parts to form the image.  I built the image of the tree piece by piece, bark by bark, while simultaneously building the figure piece by piece, double exposed into each individual section of bark, having to match up scale and contrast with every exposure.  It took months.

So many times I have found myself out in nature and overwhelmed by the sense of something far greater than me managing and moving through this world.  I don’t try to understand it, just accept it, and find great comfort in that belief.  These works are a homage to that.

“Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’ ” -The Talmud

Hover over the image or click on the gallery below for details on size and availability.

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