Electronic Nights

Electronic Nights 4_close upby Shawn Christopher

Fat Boy Slim changed my life.  Yup, I said it.  Fat Boy Slim saved me!  I’ll never forget hearing him on MTV (back when they played music on MTV) for the first time.  I ran to my local music shop and asked Rob, the owner, to order it for me that day.  This opened the door for me that lead me to all forms of electronic music.

When I left my childhood home of Montana, I went to concerts and club nights at every opportunity, and fell in with the folks that have grown to be my new family, the kids of the electronic nights.  You may know them as Raver’s, but I call them kindred spirits, some of the best musicians, artists, and all around human beings I’ve met in my life.  It was through this scene that I met the love of my life, my wife Rachelle Clark.

I created this project to honor the electronic music, dancers, and friends that have inspired my life.

Hover over the image or click on the gallery below for details on size and availability.

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