Bikeworks Tommy and Laura_sideview

I will never forget that feeling I had when I got my first bike: FREEDOM!  So many childhood memories start and finish with me on that bike.  It may have been an old hand me down Redline from my older brothers, but to me it was the newest and coolest wheels on the block.  I was FREE!  Free to go where I wanted.  Free to make decisions: do I turn left, right, up the hill, or through the mud puddles.  I learned to pick myself up, but only after figuring out that gravity works.  I was in a bicycle gang.  There were three of us.  We were 9, and we ruled!  I broke myself as many times as I broke that bike.  Yet both of us managed to bounce back and ride another day.

I wanted these pieces to be free and wild, mixed with excitement, danger, and beauty, just like that first ride.

Click on the gallery below for details on size, and availability.

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